Gili Toys

Our Brand Story

Millions of people saw an apple fall off a tree until one day, only one person had the curiosity to find out why that happened and so uncovered a theory that changed the world. We believe curiosity is the fuel to drive the world and human beings forward through constant learning and explanation. For us, learning through play is essential for a child. We make educational toys that feed the curiosity of kids as well as deliver a joyful childhood by playing with them. Gili is an Edu-playground built for kids, an Edu-playground full of educational toys made of sustainable materials and will be highly beneficial for any child’s brain development. We offer educational DIY toys that are useful for both physical and mental development. These developments could benefit a child’s cognitive ability, creativity, problem-solving ability, and many more. When a child is well-equipped with all sorts of life skills, they will have the freedom to choose any path to pursue in the future. They can be authors, doctors, photographers, lecturers, chefs, actors, astronauts, Lincoln, Newton, Steve Jobs, and Tony Stark/ Ironman. Wish you could be the hero of yourself and change the world.