The Old and New: Building Toys through the Ages

Historically, if one basic toy has evolved very much, it is the building toy. We have gone from playing with plain bricks made out of stone to the present-day plastic models of cars, trucks, planes, and robots. The history of building toys shows that the changing times had a lot of effect on these toys. 

When parents go to a toy store to buy something like toys for building tanks or building planes, they know that their kid is going to enjoy this toy. This toy would allow their kids entertainment because it is versatile and would allow the kid to be creative. These kids’ toys allow them to practice their fine motor functions. There are so many facets to constructive toys. 

Let’s talk about how far building toys have come since the nineteenth century.

Friedrich Froebel and Building Toys

Froebel popularized the early version of building toys. The educational expert believed that children would be able to make things out of their imagination. In the period after 1850, simple geometric shapes were favored by Froebel. The toys were used under the keen eyes of adults. 

The toys that came towards the end of the 19th century had evolved, there were alphabets on them. Now educators were using them for learning and even for telling stories.

Maria Montessori’s Effort to Do More with the Building Toys

While construction toys were already popular, Maria Montessori helped make these kids toys even better. Now the toy comprised of different material blocks.

These particular toys are still found in Montessori classrooms to this day. Maria Montessori learned something, kids like to pile the blocks on top of one another. 

Did You Know About Industrialization’s Impact on Building Toys

The building toys were later available widespread, made from a number of materials too. You could easily find a stone or metal building toy set. These intricate building sets were available from 1870’s onwards. Architectural building toys were definitely made to amuse boys and grow their love for building architecture. The market was brimming with toys where the boys could build famous buildings from around the world. The toy buildings were beautiful and well-made to attract kids’ attention. 

The building sets came in different difficulty levels too, to encourage kids of different ages to play. From Meccano to LEGO, there were building toy kits for boys in their tweens and teens. 

Everyone was making these building kits for increasing architectural interest. At that time architects, carpenters, joiners, and engineers, basically, everyone was churning out something. Lincoln Logs was an actual log cabin set that was paraded as a toy. 

Post-World War II Changes 

Building Toys evolved with the views of educators. Kids were free to make things out of their imagination again. Big names in the building toy-making industry had now started making toys out of plastic. 

Over the years, building toys have gone from simple plastic blocks in different shapes to intricate models of objects from the real world. 

Gili Toys Offers a Wide Range of Building Toys Modeled After Technology

If you haven’t already gone through the different building toys available at Gili Toys then let us introduce you. 

Gili STEM Building Dump Truck or Airplane 2-in-1 

This 2-in-1 toy set has the building blocks to make a truck toy or an airplane toy. Your kid can experience the joy of making something out of small parts and feel the accomplishment of a mechanical engineer. The kids love trucks because it is something they get to see daily while the plane toy is another fascinating object from the world outside. 

The toy truck and plane come with a proper manual to help build. Along the way your kid can modify the design as much as they want.

Gili Build A Pull Back Crane Building Car

This crane toy is a whole learning experience for your kid. Kids can learn all about construction through the screws, gears, rope, boom, and other crane elements. The model comes with a tool to help take it apart if the need arises. Building a crane with this set will help them understand different real life mechanics behind cranes.


3-in-1 Robot Building Toy STEM Educational Project

This cool robot toy by Gili Toys can turn into a tank or an on-road motorboat. Your kid can learn so many things from this toy! While building robots at a young age is super cool in itself, this robot toy’s functions make it even better. Your kid can use a remote control or a smartphone application to move the robot. Interestingly the application allows further programming opportunities for navigation and driving. If you need a great STEM toy for your kid, this one is a perfect choice.


Gili STEM Building Kit Motorcycle 5801 Pull Back Toy

Gili’s Motorcycle building toy is right there in the STEM category because it helps the children learn something different about engineering. While the cars and trucks have somewhat similar builds, motorcycles are different and introduce a variety. This kit comes with 183 pieces and is good for killing time.  

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