Toys & Learning- A Journey Towards a Better Tomorrow With STEM Toys!

It is truly surprising how quickly little humans start to learn from their environment. These young ones depend on their caretakers for their learning of new things. Consider the theory of survival of the fittest; humans have had to learn quickly in order to survive to live the next day. This survival comes from learning the tricks to survive daily life. When we talk about toys & learning, we specifically talk about developing skills that will help your child in the future.




Yes, toys for learning have become the norm. Any toy that you pick for your little one is going to impart something to your kid. Educational toys for kids don’t need to be boring either. Gili Toys recognizes that toys need to be fun to engage your kid! 
But first.. 

What are STEM Toys?

The world at large is ever-changing. No one can really keep up with all the advancements in the field of science, mathematics, and technology. The curiosity and creativity that drives these advancements come from the formal teaching at school and play at home.




STEM education is basically the study in fields of science, technology and mathematics. Nowadays every parent knows at some level that their child should be good in STEM subjects. The interest from parents in STEM is showing as the rise in extra classes that they make their kids participate in. STEM kits for kids have become best sellers in recent years. 

STEM toys are hence toys that promote different learning, curiosities, and creativities in young children’s minds. STEM toys have been around since the start of the 2000s. These STEM toys are basically toys that combine toys & learning to truly engage your child. 

STEM toys have been further classified into different types according to the type of learning they promote. These include-  

Motor Function Promoting Toys

These toys are for especially younger children. You wouldn’t expect them to start experimenting with STEM kits for kids. These young-aged children are better suited to play with anything that helps their motor functions. When we say motor functions, we are talking about the ability to use hands for different actions. These can include building blocks, plush books, and even rattles. Every STEM toy incorporates learning. 

Cognition Supportive Toys

Educational toys for kids should be fun and ensure that curiosity is triggered within their minds. Cognition supporting toys include anything that allows your kid to build something out of a set. 

At Gili Toys, we have toy sets that can trigger your child’s creativity like nothing else. We have sets to help them make helicopters and trucks, and bracelets and gardens full of flowers. 

Academic Toys

These are STEM kits for kids disguised as fun toys for kids. These toys for learning are mainly educational. They ensure that your kid is actively trying to get involved in a STEM activity. You would find that the STEAM toys incorporate the art element in order to further involve creativity in STEM toys. The academic toys include science kits and even Gili Toys' own fossil and gem kit!  

    Easy Ways to Get Your Kid Involved With STEM Toys




    You can make your little ones excited about any STEM toy that you want with the correct approach. Following are some of the ways that parents around the globe have utilized to engage kids with toys for learning. 

    1- Talk to Them About Science and Technology!

    It has been noted that kids can get easily curious about STEM-related activities. When do they get especially curious? Interest is triggered when parents or caretakers make the effort to involve kids in conversations regarding science and technology. 
    A lot of children feel involved when they are taken to events and locations where science and tech-related stuff is on display. If you cannot take them to such places, you can still sit and watch interesting related videos on the television or YouTube. 

    2- Experience the Toys & Learning Together

    Another great way to get your child interested in STEM toys is by playing with the toys together whenever you get a chance. 
    The more you show your little one how the toys can be used, the more they will come up with newer ways to play.
    Gili Toys’ flower garden is one such example. While the flower garden is a buildable garden on its own- it is also compatible with the normal Lego sets. Your child can create a number of things with the set, alone and in combination. You can make trucksbulldozers, and excavators with your young ones. 

    3- Get Good Educational Toys for Kids

    Toys should be fun. Learning toys should not be boring. Consider your child’s interest, and see if the toy will give them room to practice their creativity. A good learning toy would help keep your kid entertained for hours. Consider what you want your child to focus on, see the trending topics and then get the STEM toy for your kid!

    Are You Going To Buy Your Kid STEM Toys Now?

    STEM toys have become a part of daily life for kids around the globe. From the time of their birth, children are given learning toys. Understand that there are a number of different STEM toys. These educational toys for kids don’t need to be boring at all. Visit Gili Toys’ online store to get fun learning toys!