Educational Toys- Their Importance in Your Child’s Development and the 7 Benefits of Using Them!

Educational toys are toys that bring learning into the play portion of your child’s life. No, the use of educational toys is not stressful for your little one in any way. 

Toys and learning come together to enrich your child’s playtime. Learning toys can impart different types of skills to your developing child. An educational toy for your kid can be building blocks, a mini piano, or even a car building set.

Your kid doesn’t ‌need STEM kits for learning. Educational toys for kids have a huge variety apart from STEM kits. The impact of educational toys on the mind and body of your one is huge! The benefits of using these learning toys are even more.

Importance of Educational Toys in Your Child’s Development

Toys for 1-12 Month Old

We get toys with sounds, lights, and toys that are easy to grasp whenever we buy toys for babies. These toys can help develop a baby’s mental and motor skills. 

Babies learn what they can do with toys and then every time they hold them, they find joy in playing with those toys. These little ones are infinitely curious about their surroundings. A good educational toy would help them learn that Thing B happens when you do Thing A. 

You can check out this plush toy set that includes soft rattles and soft books. This plush toy set is made in contrasting colors to help your baby know the difference between colors.

Toys for 1 Year Old

Congratulations! We have moved to the stage of constant movement. Your little one is going to crawl all over the place and may even be starting to walk now. 

You need toys to help them learn how to move around. Your kid will be more curious than ever because now they can reach out and hold things that they couldn't before. 

It is also an ideal time to introduce them to toys that will help them learn more about the world outside. These toys can be animal sets, alphabetical or numerical blocks, and shape toys. You can start make-believe play to better educate children through educational toys.

Their motor skills will improve in this phase as well as their speaking ability.

Toys for 2 Years

At this point, your child is going to start preparing for bigger avenues (we’re talking about schooling). Your kid will need to get familiar with holding smaller things in their hands. Larger crayon sets are available to help with this quest, fret not! 

You will need to entertain them with sets that follow a theme. This will allow children the freedom to use sets as they see them in use and as they imagine them in use. This activity will not only help with their creativity but also help them with identifying things later. Make believe play and books will go a long way in making children learn things.

School-going Age and Above

Children from this age group want to do anything and everything that catches their fancy. These kids want to play with construction sets to make something out of nothing. You will notice their interest in science kits. Science kits for kids are available for every age and every interest.  

Girls will take in making bracelets or even cars out of organized sets. Boys will show as much interest in different toy sets. 

Benefits of Using Educational Toy

IQ Enhancement Through Toys

The best thing about educational toys is that they aim to make your kid learn something new. It can be a motor, sensory or cognitive function that an educational toy is aiming for, but it is there. 

From the most precise science kits to the basic construction toy in a child’s hands- everything is STEM-based. You can check out this article for more information on STEM toys.

As a result of using these educational toys, your child will have a better memory. Your child will know things i.e. able to name and identify them. Your child will learn how certain things work. 

Remember you don’t have to buy a science kit for kids to make kids interested in STEM subjects, you can also use fun toys.

Motor Skill Development

When your kid will play with educational toys, they will need to learn how to be precise. With practice and over time, motor skills start to develop. From building blocks to special vehicle building sets and bracelet sets, your child learns skills to move their hands properly. 

Developing the Ability to Solve Problems

From the very beginning, learning toys urge the children to solve a problem. It can be constructing something out of the building blocks in the early years. While in older ages, learning toys require children to place much more effort. A puzzle can push your child just as much as a science set, both of them would come under the learning toys category.

Further, these educational toys come with a guide on how to overcome regular problems. Children learn how to solve problems adequately.

Spike in Concentration

Children often have trouble fixing their attention on a single activity. With the introduction of educational toys, you can help your little one focus on a single task. These learning toys would attract your child to the world of learning. 

Once your kid is hooked on these learning toys, it will be easier for them to concentrate when they are studying. So sit with your little one and enjoy the experience.

Emotional and Social Development on Rise

It is sometimes necessary for children to interact with one another when playing with learning toys. Educational toys for kids help in making the children interact with one another.

Kids develop a social skill set in this manner. Any person supervising them can help them in their interaction and this is how kids learn. 

Another use of multiplayer educational toys is that children learn to experience a wide emotional range. They feel joy when they win, and anger/disappointment, or sadness when they lose. Children learn to accept their defeat with grace. They also learn teamwork.

Senses Empowered by Educational Toys

Educational toys can engage multiple senses at the same time. Some things might happen through make-believe play and others through playing with friends. Your little one will learn different sounds through toys. Animal sets and musical toys open a world of sound to kids. When children play together, they also engage in pretend play. 

They will learn how different toys feel to their touch. From plush toys to wooden toys with different textures, children learn how different things feel. 

The vivid colors of toys help them identify different colors. They learn to talk about what they see, they can identify and define the world through the use of learning toys. 

Supporting Creativity

Educational toys have the added advantage of making your little ones do things they want to with the toy. Tablet smart devices have reduced arts and crafts activities. 

Learning toys in the form of drawing boards, dough sets, bracelet sets, Lego sets or car building sets get your child space to be creative. Even your basic science kits for kids are made with the allowance of some creativity.

Help Your Kid Learn With Gili Toys

Educational toys are the building blocks of your child’s better present and great future. It is best if parents buy kids educational toys rather than letting them play on screens. If you want your child to be the best, give them as many avenues to pique their curiosity and trigger their innate creativity. 

Gili Toys has a huge variety of STEM toys for your kid. Make sure to check out our website.