Best Remote Control Car Toys for Boys

Buying a remote control car for kids in your family is a learning experience. With the number of new remote cars introduced every year, finding the best designs for kids is difficult. You can go online or to the storefronts for RC cars for sale. It is hard to find good RC cars. 

Gili Toys has some amazing remote control cars and the best thing is that these RC cars are available at sale prices. You can easily pop online on the Gili Toys’ website and take your pick.

Several RC cars have frequency issues with their remote control, Gili Toys’ remote control cars don’t. You can buy many Gili remote control cars and race them at the same time. With Gili Toys you get an amazing customer service and they are always there to make sure you have a working toy.

Let’s talk about some of the amazing RC cars available at Gili Toys. 

Gili 2-in-1 Remote Control Building Black Police Car

If your child is interested in toy buildings, Gili Toys has just the toy for you! The 2-in-1 Black Police Car is just the DIY remote control car that your kid will enjoy. RC car remote control of this vehicle doesn’t have any interference issues. Your kid’s remote control toy car is now something out of their daily life, something that they can play pretend with easily.

GILI 2 in 1 Remote Control Building Car Kit(355pcs), Black Police Car Stem Model Projects Toy for Kids Ages 8-12, Best Christmas Birthday Gifts for 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 Year Old Boys Girls


This RC toy is the perfect gift for your little one’s birthday! The 2-in-1 Black Police Car Building Remote Control toy comes highly recommended for ages 7 and above.

With growing children, there is a strong appreciation for toys that allow complex thinking. Often adults can join in on this activity and the experience is a great chance to bond. Once your kid has built this toy, they can enjoy racing the car around.

Gili 3-in-1 STEM Building Kit with Remote Control

This 3-in-1 building kit will be an amazing addition to your kid's toy collection. Whether they want to build a robot, a tank or a race car, they have the control. This interchangeable toy is going to make them think and wonder in all the important ways. 

Yet, the most amazing part of this toy for your kid will be its RC. This toy's RC is a highly programmable application on the smart phone device. Your kid can learn what programming looks like with some basic commands. Your kid can easily create navigation paths and drive the robot around.

Gili Gesture Sensing RC Stunt Car with Gravity Sensors

From Gili Toys’ remote car toys, Gili Gesture Sensing RC Stunt Car with Gravity Sensors is one of the coolest. The RC car controller has added a gravity sensor controller, whereas this cool toy contains the gravity sensor and related controlling function. This remote car toy will easily follow the gestures made by your kid’s hands. 


The car can move in 360-degree tumbling rotational motion, laterally, and can do double-sided rolling. This remote-control car toy needs charging to work and so comes with a USB charger. There is also a charging indicator on the USB charger to make sure that you don’t overcharge the toy.

Gili RC Monster Truck

One of the best toy cars for sale is the Gili Toys’ Gili RC Monster Truck. This Monster truck comes with an alloy shell with shock absorbers to help the truck brush off any off-road driving. The mecanum wheels allow the remote control car toy movement in every direction you choose. This RC truck can move in 360-degree directions as well as horizontally. The remote control truck toy comes with sets of rechargeable batteries.


The multiple functions of this toy make it perfect for gifting any child 4 years old and above. The features of this monster truck make it the best remote control car for sale from Gili Toys. 

Gili RC Excavator Toy

Another remote control car from Gili Toys with great reviews from users is the Gili RC Excavator Toy. This RC car has a shovel that is supported by a flexible arm that works through hydraulic function. This remote car comes with a set of two rechargeable batteries and a USB charger. The remote control with a non-interference function does not come with any batteries. Don't forget to buy batteries for your remote control. 


This remote car can go out easily off-road or on different terrains. The shovel arm works with full power to shovel dirt from the ground.

This toy is the perfect gift for your kid if they are 4 years old or above. 

Benefits of Remote Control Toy Cars

Whether a kid builds a remote control car or gets a remote control car that is premade, there are several benefits. Who knew that toy car shops will end up providing such an important tool for your kid’s development!

Following are some of the benefits of playing with remote control toys.

  • Improvement in hand-eye coordination. 
  • Understanding the different spaces and depths in surrounding areas.
  • Pretend play allows the imagination to come to life. 
  • Social inclusion into similar age groups with similar interests. 

Bonding with family when the parents and kids play and assemble the toy.   

Why RC Cars from Gili Toys will be Your Kid's Favorites?

Gili Toys has an amazing remote control toy car collection. The prices of the toys are amazing for the quality of Gili Toys’ remote control cars. From building your remote-control car to driving a premade remote-control car, you can find a huge variety at Gili Toys.

Gili Toys recognizes that you need good toys for your little ones; durable toys, that provide lasting fun and do not break the bank. Gili Toys fulfills all your toy expectations and more. You need to only buy one Gili Remote Control Car to become a fan. From the sustainable materials of good quality to the amazing mechanics, Gili Toys’ remote control car toy sets are the best you can gift your young one.