Toy Car Building Kit Gifting Guide For Summer 2022

Are you looking for model car kits to build for a kid? You are confused about whether you should invest in an RC car build kit or a model building kit because everything looks good. But you really don’t know if this particular toy would entertain the child in question. 

You have been looking at different kits for building toy cars but you simply can’t decide which is the best one for this special kid. 


model car kits to build
Well, look no further than this guide! We at Gili Toys understand your concern and take gifting very seriously! 


Whether it is toy car building kits or RC build kits, we will help you figure out what you should gift. Remember that when you are trying to find someone a good gift, you have to consider a lot of things. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Toy Car Building Kit


RC car build kit


Let us look at the list of things that you need to consider whenever you a toy car-building gift for a kid. 

What is the age of the kid?

This is perhaps the most important question. You cannot gift a high-skill requiring model car with engine kits to kids who cannot stick two blocks together. For 7 years and above, you can buy building toys with small parts and expect them to build RC cars easily. Another thing to remember is that building toy cars have small parts and little ones can choke on them. 

Would they like to build a car toy?

Do you know whether they like toy model cars to build or not? A lot of kids merely like to play with cars and aren’t interested in making them. These kids do not have an interest in the process of making the car. On the other hand, there are some who collect car-making toys. These kids will appreciate the progressively complex model cars to build.

build RC cars

Would they like to build an RC car?

If the kid already has loads of build your own car kits then they might be interested in trying out something new. You can definitely get them a DIY RC car kit; they are going to appreciate the effort put into building one. Gili Toy has an amazing Police Car RC building toy that will make the perfect gift for your kid. The Police Car is actually 2-in-1 and so it can switch between two designs.

DIY RC car kit
What is their current level of familiarity with building toys?

Are they a beginner in this playing field? If so, make sure that the car model kits to build that you gift them are easy to assemble. The more complex build-your-own model car toys are for kids who have little experience and an already developed interest. If they already make car toys on their own, get them something complex. This complex building car toy will keep the kid entertained for a long time.

Do you want them to test their creativity?

When you gift a child some toy that requires them to build something, there are two types of toys available. One type of plastic models to build toy cars have a limited capacity for creativity. While the other type has multiple building blocks that allow modifications to take place. One type of remote control car building kit allows assembling in multiple ways like Gili Toys’ building cars. While the other type is basically models of much larger cars that are glued together. Check out Gili Toys’ building toys here.

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Should the toy car move? 

You will find that some car-building toys come with a model engine kit and allow kids to build a remote control car. On the other hand, there are toy car sets that are only for the purpose of building cars.  

So decide what type of car kit you’ll gift to the kid. If the toy should move then make sure that it has strong connections to absorb collision shocks.

Durability of material and sturdiness of joints. 

Whenever gifting anything to kids, keep an eye on the quality of the material. What is the remote control car-making kit actually made of? At Gili Toys, all of our toys are made out of non-toxic material. Gili Toys is BPA free and made of ABS plastic. Gili Toys offers building toys in different vehicle types including truck and propeller plane, cranes, bulldozer & tank, robots, and excavators. All of Gili Toys are made with non-toxic and durable materials.  

Gili Toys has an RC truck kit to build with great joints that do not break apart when they hit a wall. A problem with a lot of build your own RC car kits that are available online is that they break apart easily. Gili Toys’ Black Police RC car is amazing in this sense, it doesn’t break apart.

Have You Decided Which Gili Building Toy To Buy?

We hope that we have provided you with a careful roadmap to selecting a good gift for your little one. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to find reliably good quality stuff online, look no further than Gili Toys! We have a huge variety of building toys and kids love our toys around the globe.

Gili Toys not only is reliable for the type of material we use, but we also promise to replace the toy if you find any fault once the toy is delivered to your doorstep. What’s more! We ship pretty fast, so if you need something quick, Gili Toys should be your go-to!