Making Friendship Bracelets: How It Encourages Creativity and Provides Other Benefits

In current times, you would find friendship bracelet kits in every toy store or hobby store. During the present period, after the pandemic, a lot of people have taken bracelet making as a hobby.



While we all sit down to make bracelets with our bracelet kits or the more sophisticated bead bracelet kits, let’s talk about the origins of bracelet making. Who started making bracelets? Who specifically started making friendship bracelets? What was the initial intent behind the making of bracelets?

Who Started Making Bracelets?

It is a curious thought! Well, history says that China started making it in the Han dynasty period. Ancients Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans also loved their jewelry, Romans even gifted their soldiers with armbands for bravery!

The 1980s certainly showed the comeback of these friendship bracelets. They remained in fashion for a long time. There have been certain political movements in America, like protests for the Mayan Indians and protests in Guatemala where the protestors wore bracelets to show support.   

Benefits of Making Friendship Bracelets

You may find yourself with a friendship bracelet making kit, eventually. Or you may be the one gifting a bracelet-making set to a young one. But do you know the benefits of making bracelets from kits? 

 These string bracelet kits with or without beads are ripe with a number of benefits. You can of course find a number of bracelet-making kits on Gili Toys website

Here are the benefits.

Friendship Bracelets Help Your Mind Concentrate

Think about it for a second, a kid or you start making a bracelet and suddenly you have to focus on this one task. If you make bracelets from a kit you will learn different patterns with beads and knots.


Even if the set comes with a friendship bracelet maker, a device to help make bracelet, you will still need to concentrate. 

This simple task can help kids learn how to concentrate on one thing at a time. This very benefit makes this bracelet-making kit an ideal gift for kids all over 4 years of age. 

Bracelet-Making Kits Are Great For Your Motor Skills 

You will find that the best friendship bracelet kits are the ones that allow kids to make a variety of bracelet styles. The more variations allowed in the styles, the more fine motor movements would be required. These fine motor movements help develop new neural connections in your kid’s brain. Their fine and gross motor movements will improve because friendship bracelet patterns will provide the perfect exercise. 

Next time when you see a kid make a friendship bracelet, sit and help them out. Check out Gili Toys for a huge variety of bracelet-making kits.

Art and Creativity Get a Boost

The process of friendship bracelet making allows your kid to use their creativity. You will see some marvelous creations once you gift them with a bracelet kit. In fact, the same results are visible with jewelry-making kits.


For kids who haven’t yet been introduced to bracelet making, this activity is an absolute blast. You can keep kids occupied for hours with one of these kits. Interestingly, some kids not only try to make bracelets with these sets but also use them in different art pieces.  

Sense of Achievement 

Bracelet making requires a sense of dedication. Children need to spend hours making the whole bracelet. You would encounter something similar when embroidering or crocheting something. The sense of achievement on completion of the task is bound to release happy hormone such as dopamine. Dopamine is great for further goal setting too. 



So while you might think that you are merely getting a kid friendship bracelet kit, you are not. You are giving the kid something really special.

Bracelet Making is Like Meditation 

Repetitive motions can be therapeutic. Ever downloaded an application for meditation or seen a video on meditation? They ask you to do things like ask you to focus on something to relax your mind. 

Jewelry kits or bracelet kits with beads provide you with the perfect opportunity for meditative movements. You will just need to focus on the motions and keep on repeating them. Your mind will reach its Zen state. 

Gili Toys has some really good friendship bracelet DIY kits to help you reach calm state of mind. 

Friendship Bracelets Are Great For Social Well-Being

Kids make friendship bracelets for their peers. This act helps them form social connections with kids their own age. This deepens their connection with others in the sense that they learn to empathize. Kids try to think of what their friends would like the best. 



From selecting specific bracelet beads to the very specific color selection of other raw materials; children learn to think of doing good for others. 

Best Gifts Are Handmade With Love!

Whether you’re making a friendship bracelet with beads or a friendship bracelet without beads, it will get appreciation from your friend. 

You can use different colored beads for making something versatile that can work with multiple outfits or go for a single color. The choices are endless. Your friend will appreciate all the thought and effort placed into making the bracelet. 

You can even use precious beads for bracelet making if your budget allows it. Handmade bracelets are an inexpensive yet extremely thoughtful gift.

Are You Buying a Gili Bracelet Making Kit?

 One of the biggest and unmentioned benefits of bracelet making is the reduction in your kid’s screen time. Here at Gili Toys, we care for the overall health, development, and learning of young minds. Our toys are made with children’s benefits at the forefront. 

Bracelet making is an art that has helped creativity flourish in many generations before and will continue to do so in the future. Gili Toys knows this art's impact and loves its importance in STEAM learning. 

Due to this toy’s importance in STEAM learning, Gili Toys has developed some amazing bracelet-making kits. These kits have an assortment of colorful stuff to make extra beautiful and good-quality bracelets and jewelry. You can have a look at these kits here