How do Remote Control Car Toys Work?

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good remote control car. Even with the surge of smart technology, kids and adults alike still find joy in remote control cars & trucks. From RC cars to RC trucks, enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the next best thing out in the market. 

Not everyone knows how these RC cars work though. Have you ever wondered how your RC car or RC truck functions with the click of your remote control? If you have, then you are in luck. We are going to discuss how remote control car toys work. 

Although the whole RC car and truck apparatus doesn’t consist of a lot of things, it has a lot going on inside. Let’s see how remote control cars & trucks work in real-time.   

Things You Will Find Inside a Remote Control Toy Car

Whether it is a remote control car or a remote control truck, the basic apparatus for the device is same. Gili’s RC monster truck has huge tires that are controlled in this manner while Gili’s RC Excavator has smaller tires working on the same principle. 

A remote control car or monster truck with remote control will both have the following things in them.

Remote Control Vehicle’s Motor

The motor is controlled by the receiving end of the remote radio control transmitter. The motor moves the car forward and backward and controls the direction of the vehicle. The motor works on the wheels of the toy car.

Radio Waves Transmitter

This transmitter is located inside the remote control of the toy car. This transmitter sends radio waves to the other part of the set. 

Receiver for the Transmission

The other part of this set is the receiver, and this is affixed to the toy car. This receiver acts on the transmissions and sends out its output via acting through the motor of the car.  

Power/Energy Source

The power source provides energy to both the motor and the receiver as well as the transmitter. 

Do You Know How The Different Parts Work in Remote/Radio Control Toy Car?

Remote Control

All RC toy car processes the signals in a similar manner. The frequency of the radio control is set at either 27 MHz or 49 MHz. The signals will be transmitted from the transmitter and the receiver would act on them. Let’s focus on the ‘how’ part of our question! 

Most of the RC cars for sale come with a fully functional remote control. When you press the buttons on the controller, the car moves in different directions: left, right, forwards, and backward. 

When your RC toy’s remote control buttons are pressed, something like this happens inside the car. 


  • You press the button of the car. You want the car to go forward.  
  • The button switches on a number of contacts on the integrated circuit (IC) inside the remote control. This action completes the IC. 
  • The empowered IC now pushes the transmitter inside the remote control of the remote car to send signals in the form of electrical pulses.
  • The RC toy car then receives these pulse sequences. First, the car receives signals to get an alert for the command, and then it receives the pulse sequences that intend to drive the car in a particular direction.

In order to control cars through the radio waves, there are some preset pulse sequence standards. These standards allow the car to follow the directions given by the one holding the RC controller. For example, the pulse sequence for moving forward has 16 pulses while for moving in the backward direction, 40 pulses are standard. 

Remote Toy Car 

Once the RC vehicles start getting these signals, things start working on this front as well. The following events take place. 

  • The remote control RC signals that oscillate with the pre-defined frequency of the car reach the receiver. 
  • The receiver is already on the lookout for signals in the toy car’s particular frequency range.
  • Once the receiver gets the pulse sequence, the pulse sequence goes to the toy car’s IC and once the circuit is complete for the required action, the circuit passes the information to the motor. 
  • Now the motor is usually connected to gear rather than the axle of the toy car. 
  • The signal that reaches the motor kicks the gears into function and before you know it, the toy car is running! 
  • Gili Toys has amazing RC toy cars that are a favorite amongst the kids. 

    Gili Gesture Sensing RC Stunt Car With Gravity Sensor

    For this gesture RC car, the remote control has an additional gravity sensor that is present along with the basic RC mechanism. This fun toy can tumble around the full 360-degrees and even do double-side rolling. This RC toy car is one of the most favorite toys from Gili Toys. 

    Just like a monster truck RC car, this car is also able to run on a number of surfaces around you. Mud, law, concrete, gravel, or snow; this stunt car will run on any and all surfaces. This car is a great and fun gift for ages 4 years and above.

    Gili RC Monster Truck 

    This RC car truck utilizes mecanum wheels and has a metal shell to protect itself from tough collisions. The monster truck has the added advantage of 4 shock-absorbing springs to help with the off-road experience. 

    This RC truck has four motors working in it to ensure that the truck can climb an incline of 40 degrees at a speed of 15 km/h.


    This is one of the RC trucks for sale that are available online. At the RC car shops, you will be able to find another large variety of monster trucks for your little ones. These trucks are good gifts for anyone aged 4 years and above.

    Looking for a RC Car Toy?

    We hope that now you know all about the RC car toys around you. The basic apparatus is the same for every RC car toy. With this knowledge, you can even make a DIY toy car, we encourage you to research more on this topic first! If you find yourself looking for good RC toy cars, look no further than Gili Toys! You will find RC car toy options for your little ones. At this age, you might want a good and sturdy model in an affordable range. Because everyone knows that kids are rough with their toys. Gili Toys is then the perfect choice for you. Our RC cars are of great quality and come at good prices.