The Play Between 5 Senses and Montessori Toys You Didn't Know About!

Research has shown us that the early years of human life are an opportunity like no other. The human brain is capable of great feats, growing connections like nothing you have seen. 

At 3 years of age, the toddler in front of you would have 200 times the synapses (information) than your brain. The Montessori toys should be then seen as an opportunity. These learning toys can enhance the brain’s structure. The more positive experience your child has with an educational toy, the better. Both positive and negative experiences can affect your kid’s brain development. 

We hope that with things like the Montessori shape sorter toy by Gili Toys you can help your child’s brain develop faster.

Brain development in the early years is sensory first and then motor learning starts later.

Let’s Talk About the 5 Senses That Montessori Learning Toys Can Help With!

Sensory development is easily the fastest event that is taking place when a baby plays with a toy. You can see that this sensory development of 5 senses specifically via Montessori newborn toys

Taste and smell senses are not included in this section because toys have no relation to both. 


Learning to identify the different colors and shapes initially. Later the child would learn their numbers, words, and alphabets through what they see. 


Kids start with staying alert to their mother’s voice because they identify it the most from their early life. Next, the young children start to listen and identify the sounds that they hear in their environment. This will help them learn the meaning of different sounds. 


Children learn what different things feel to their touch. This helps them know the things that they can touch and the things they need to avoid touching. 

Self/Body Awareness

Babies become aware of their presence in space and the direction of movement. They develop the sense to move according to where they want to move. Over time, the fine and gross motor skills get better.


This sense allows them the ability to move easily over time in relation to their weight; helps stop them from falling. This sense develops with toys that allow movement of the whole child. 

Montessori Educational Toys That Will Help Your Kid’s Sensory Development

Gili Toys has the perfect set of toys to entertain your little ones! Scroll down to see what our toys can do for your kid. 

Gili Baby Rattles and Teether Toys Set

This toy set is perfect for introducing a newborn to learning toys. The toy set contains different rattles to keep the baby entertained. The easy-to-hold rattles are great for helping the kid learn the fine and gross movements of their hands and arms. 

The rattles help distract them with the sounds that they make on movement. The different shapes and colors are great for the visual learning center in the baby’s brain. Similarly, the teether element in these toys helps soothe the baby’s pain during the teething period.  

 Gili Black and White High Contrast Sensory Soft Book

This cute little soft book will be the perfect tummy time partner for your little one. From being a Montessori toy 4 months old to a 3-year-old, this soft book is entertaining.

The high contrast makes it easier for the baby's eyes to see. The texture and the way this book folds are a fun sensory experience for the baby. The mirror inside this soft book makes the book even more attractive as babies love to see human faces.

Baby Activity and Tummy Time High Contrast Soft Toy Set 

This is one of the best Montessori toys for infants This set has good Montessori activities for 4-month-olds and above. The hanging toys provide the perfect opportunity for the little ones to reach out and grab the toys. The mirror is good for them in learning their face and later their facial expressions. This toy set allows the baby to touch and play with the soft book.

Overall the parts are good Montessori toys for newborns and a great gift for them, allowing them cognitive development.

Activity Toy for Sensory Development for Toddlers

If you are looking for a good Montessori toy for a 4-month-old and above then this is it! While this toy is not the Montessori shapes toy, it is just as fun! 

This activity toy has multiple colored cords that your little one can pull on and enjoy the sensation of vibration. The toy has multiple shapes on top of the cord and around the toy itself. With this toy, your kid will learn gross and fine motor movements of their arms/hands. The different textures and sensations will provide a further learning experience. 

Shape Sorter Learning Toy For Babies and Toddlers 

The shape sorter toy is quite popular amongst the crowd in different forms. As far as toys for development go, the shape toys are a favorite. This Montessori sorting toy comes with 6 brightly colored and uniquely shaped cubes.


Unlike traditional shape learning toys, this toy has completely different shapes. Kids learn different colors, get to touch different shapes and textures, and practice their movements. The toy requires the toddler to push the blocks into a cube. Your child will no doubt find a hundred ways to play with this fun toy!   

Why Choose Gili Toys for Your Kid’s Montessori Toys? 

Choose Gili Toys because our core values center around providing your child with the best learning and educational experience through toys. We want to make your child develop into the next genius! You don’t need to worry about the materials used to make the Montessori toys; we use non-toxic BPA-free plastic. 

Our Montessori toys were planned and designed to encourage sensory learning. Our research says that these toys will be great for your child. Don’t just take our word! Observe the difference for years to come in your child’s performance.