Building Meaningful Flower Bouquets with Gili Toys

Have you ever tried to buy a set of flowers to make a beautiful and well-meaning bouquet for your friends or family? Well, we recognized that we choose flowers for bouquets after learning their meanings. We wouldn’t want to gift a daffodil to a friend; do you know that daffodil brings bad luck?

With building toys, you can now make flower bouquets that will stay forever with your friend. So like the amazing people we are, we are going to tell you all about flower toys that are available at Gili Toys. We will also tell you what the flowers in them mean so that you can buy the perfect flower bouquet to gift. 

Red Rose 


Flower Bouquet Building Kit, A Large Rose Toy Set for Adults and Girls, Unique Decoration Gift for Christmas
This lovely flower is only the most popular symbol of love. You have seen these red roses all over the place when Valentine’s Day comes. You can’t have missed them in all the movies either, such is the beauty of this flower. Here at Gili Toys, we love this flower too and you will be able to find a red rose in many of our kits for flower bouquet sets




These cute little flowers are childlike in their meaning, they signify the innocence of youth with their sweet looks. These are great gifts to little ones. You can find daisies in this flowers building toy.




Thinking of telling someone that they are the best kind of person in your life and that they are truly unique? This beautiful flower will do it for you. Gili Toys has a whole set of orchids as a toy building set that you can easily buy at sale prices.



The ever-so-beautiful lavenders are a part of every magical movie you see out there. Guess what they mean? 



If you gift someone a flower building set with lavenders in them, you are telling them that you are dazzled by them. Your best friends and love interests will all love receiving this compliment from you.

Or if you want to see someone calm down, lavender is definitely the way to go!

Red Tulips



Looking for an alternative to red roses to tell your amour that you love them? These pretty little flowers will say it for you. The flower toy sets at Gili Toys do contain red tulips, you can find them in this set.




These beautiful bunches of flowers have a strong relation to the emotion of being thankful. While blue hydrangeas mean being truly thankful, the pink variety means genuine feelings. Want to show someone that you are truly thankful for their existence in your life? We have just the flower bouquet for you to build a flower bouquet

Lily of the Valley 


These innocent-looking flowers signify so much in the flower bouquet. The recipient of this flower bouquet would know that you view them as the most innocent, humble, and pure person. Once you start building flowers, you can also include these in your bouquet. You can find this flower in our flower bouquet sets.



Looking for a flower-building kit that will spread out happiness in the world? You need to get something with a sunflower on it. At Gili Toys we know that Sunflowers are a sign of happy sunny days and the crisp days of autumn that tell us that Christmas is coming soon. Gili Toys has the perfect flower-building toy set with sunflowers on it. 



Want to wish a loved one a long happy life full of all the good things? Then your flower-building toy should have chrysanthemums in them. Chrysanthemums are generally the prettiest and most colorful of the lot and you can find them in many building sets toys.


Balloon Flowers



These beautiful flowers can tell the flower set recipient that you want them to be friends again. See? Friendship is not that hard, you just need to send them the correct flower bouquet kit to let them know. 

Which Gili Flower Bouquet Building Kit Are You Ordering? 

Gili Toys has some really amazing flower bouquet building kits to offer. If you are looking to make an evergreen flower bouquet for a loved one, these toy sets are a great choice. Gili Toys’ flower bouquets have vibrant colors that make them eye-catching and a great decoration choice.