Improving Social Communication Skills With Montessori Toys

We at Gili Toys believe that Montessori toys can add to social communication skills in many ways. Casual playing with Montessori educational toys or learning toys is rewarding. From learning toys for newborns to Montessori toys for 4 months year olds and above, everything can be helpful in learning Social Communication Skills. 

Let’s have a look at what goes on during social communication! We have… 

The Speaker

Your little one would need to know how to speak. If they want to ask a question, tell you something, say hello, or even want something, kids will need to speak up.

The Listener

Kids need to learn to listen in order to communicate. Communication is a two-way street. There are many different kinds of listeners that bring something different into an interaction. 

One kid would start to interrupt another to tell their own thing. Another kid would start to make fun of the speaker. While another kid would remember that they too have something to tell. 

Here’s What Should Happen When Your Kid Talks

There are a lot of communication cues that kids need to know. What will happen is something like this…

  • Kids will know when it is their turn to speak. 
  • Speaking in a manner that other kids know to listen. 
  • Keeping to the same discussion without jumping to something new. 
  • Realizing when other kids can understand them or not. 
  • Letting other kids speak. 
  • Listening to others talk actively. 
  • Not cut in when someone else is speaking. 
  • Understanding the difference between talking to a friend, family, and adults. 
  • Recognize the facial expressions and stay away from another person’s personal space.
  • Responding when asked a question. 
  • Staying on topic. 
  • Appropriate emotional and facial response. 

Things That You Can Do To Improve Social Communication Skills in Kids

There are a lot of fun ways to encourage proper communication skills in kids. Some would require you to use a toy that you can easily find on our website. Other methods of improving communication involve different plays. 

1- Engage in Pretend Play

Does your kid have any favorite cartoon characters? Or better yet, are they excited about any profession at all? 

You can use both of these cues to set up an elaborate dialogue between you and your kid. You can use Montessori learning toys to engage in this play. Or you can get different toys to make the play more elaborate. 

Play with the RC excavator while you and your child talk about building something together. You can also garden indoors with your kid’s Flower Garden Toy while you talk about flowers.


2- Tell Stories

You use the Montessori infant toys to help tell stories to your kid. Your kid will then also engage in telling you a story. Through this process, your kid will learn how to tell what they want to talk about. They will also learn to listen to the story. 

You can even make it a game. Say a part of the story tale and then ask your kid to make up the next part. 

3- Sing Poems Together

This is the easiest thing that you and your kid can do. Sing poems or even their favorite songs together. This will help them in speaking up. Montessori toys for newborns are perfect to wave around and play with during this time.

4-Play Games Like Simon Says

If there is one game that is absolutely about listening properly, it's Simon says. This game will help your little one pay attention to what someone else is saying. Kids learn to listen and understand what others are talking about.

5- Speak in Low Volume

Take out your kid’s shape learning toys and tell them to make something. Instruct them to make something specific in a low voice. Guide them on how to sort something as easy as a Montessori sorting toy, just make them listen carefully. 

6- Talk About What They Are Doing During Play

A shape sorter toy is a perfect thing to help in this play. You sit with your kid while they play with a shape sorter. The thing with shape toys is that it is easy for your kid to talk about them. You can even tell them what to do with the Montessori shape sorter toy because shape names are easy to say and understand.

7- Play Musical Chair

This game combines competitive social interaction with active listening. Your kid will learn how to listen and act immediately on cue.

8- Play Out Story Tales

You can use development toys or educational toys to act out stories in front of your kid. It could be Montessori shape toys pretending to be something or Montessori learning toys. Anything and everything works as long as your little one can imagine what you’re telling. 

How Can Gili Toys Help Your Kids Improve Social Communication Skills?

Gili Toys has everything from a Montessori newborn toy to other types of toys that are good for Montessori-age children. It is important to understand that the more playing options that a toy provides, the better it is. 

When we compiled the list of things that help improve social communication skills, we realized that our toys are perfect for this purpose. You can easily use any of our toys actually. From Montessori sorting toys to intricate flower bouquet sets, everything can help you teach your kids some social communication skills. 

So why not go ahead and get something? Our website is brimming with toys that are good for your kid in one way or another.