Exercising Your Brain with Gili Building Toy Kits

Building blocks play an important part in early childhood brain development. Research has shown that the STEM learning values with these kids' toys are amazing. From the basic building blocks to building toys that include building tanks, cars, and robots, everything pays off in the long run.

We will tell you just how amazing these building toys can be for your kid’s future. You’ll be rushing to toy stores to get your kid one of these building toy kits. The benefits are well researched; the control group has always been behind the test groups when it comes to the value of building toys. 

Let’s have a look at some of the building toys from Gili Toys as we talk about building toys. 

Gili Heavy-Duty Excavator Toy Building Kit


This toy building may require assistance but that’s great! Your kid will learn how to listen and act on it while you guide them to make this super realistic toy. This building toy comes with a rotating top body, and a working and extendable shovel arm. Imagine the mechanics your little one will get to see closely. Get it now for $33.99.


Gili Remote Control Car Building Kit

There used to be an assumption that the kids who make these complicated building toys have a better understanding of engineering. Research has proven this assumption right! 


This sports car with its remote control element is the perfect toy to take your kid’s building block experience to the next level. The 1356 pieces will help your kid grow an appreciation of how much work goes behind making something like this RC car in real life. You can buy this toy now for $66.29. 


Gili Sailing Ship Building Play Set

Did you know that building toys make your kid’s ability to do mathematics better? Well, they do in the case of mathematics word problems. Allow your kids to improve their mathematics by introducing them to complex building toys. Interestingly, IQ level does not matter. 


This sailing ship-building toy with 506 pieces will be a good learning experience. Guide your kid through the building process and see how they learn to process information. The moving dolphins and ship are an added unique element. This toy is a steal deal that’s available for $33.69 on our website.  


Build a Fighter Plane Building Kit


Spatial language learning is another bonus when it comes to building toys. Your kid gets the hand of the new vocabulary and is more likely to use it. Building a plane is just the activity that will help them learn more of this language. Airplane toys have different learning points; your kid will learn how their plane toy can fly. You can teach them more about the physics behind a flying plane. Buy this building toy now for $36.69.


Gili Starfighter Model Building Kit

The fun thing about building blocks is that you can make one thing in many ways. These toys support divergent thinking. Divergent thinking in this case is thinking out of the box. Divergent thinking patterns will help your kid become more imaginative in their solutions. 


This kid’s toy is a point of attraction for both kids and grown-ups. Coming in with a whopping 817 pieces, this Starfighter Model Building Kit is a great kit for sci-fi lovers and all the space enthusiasts in your life.  The unique design will be an unforgettable experience. Buy this collectible for $51.79.  


3 in-1 RC Robot Building Toy


This robot toy is a great introduction to robotics and basic coding. The three-in-one building toy gives your kid the opportunity to break the toy, again and again, to challenge their mind and make something new. Building robots is something that they just might end up doing in the future. Learning the basics of coding is an added advantage. For $53.89, this toy is a must-have for your kid’s toy collection. 


Pull-Back Monster Truck Toy Building Kit


Kids love toy trucks. This particular toy truck combines the monster truck element with a bat mobile element. Designed to work with a pull-back action, this kid’s truck has a complicated structure that will get your kid’s mental juice flowing. Once they’ve made this toy, you can include a more complicated toy in their collection. This  cute little building toy is available for $12.96 on Gili Toys. 


Crane or Tanker Truck 2 in 1 Construction Engineering Kit


If your little one is into building cranes or tanker truck toys, this is the best toy for them. The little building toy lover in your life will love this tanker and crane toy. The 401 pieces join together and make a cute engineering toy. Get this 2-in-1 building toy for a low, low price of $44.98.  


Gili Toys: Your Favorite Building Toy Shopping Destination

If you want your kids to stay away from the screens and spend the time doing something beneficial, this is it. You don’t even need to look anywhere!

We don’t want to brag but have you seen the variety of building toys we have? Your kid is going to love and value every toy that you get from Gili Toys. Don’t take our word for it, check out our building toys category.